A message  sent by the Tibetan Settlement Officer in Darjeeling, on sept, 29th.


"I am so sorry that I could not get  contact you for the last  104 days  due to sudden strike called by the political party of Darjeeling in demand of  separate state Gorkhaland after a small incident  between police and the support of  Gorkhaland during the  Cabinet meeting of  West Bengal held  in Darjeeling on 14/06/2017  and since then  there was prolong strike in Darjeeling.



After 104 days  of  indefinite Strike for a demand of Separate State Gorkhaland called by  the most  powerful political party of Darjeeling since 14/06/2017 has been called off now  a few days back after the settlement of  getting  Gorkha Hill Council Administration instead of Gorkhaland. 

During  104 days months of strike all the business establishments, schools. colleges, government and non government offices,all tea gardens, transports everything was  uncertainly   closed after the incident  and everyday there was mass public  rallies and meeting  for a demand of Separate state in Darjeeling and for which  all the  communities of Darjeeling  had to be present  and  participated in the protest rallies as per the instructions of  major political party  of Darjeeling if not they will be threatened  and during strike periods  many of the Govt. offices like tourist offices, forest offices, B.D.O. offices, Police out posts and  police Vans and cars and offices of opposition political parties and their houses  had been set on fire by the mobs in and around Darjeeling.

During public rallies for the demand  of Gorkhaland  in three subdivisions of Darjeeling due to the incidents of  teasing and throwing stones  on police party by the supporters of movement and as such    police had to open fire and  killed eleven persons  in  firing and several persons were   injured and   more than two hundred of supporters of movement  had been arrested and sent to Jail during  104 days of strike.

Due to serious situation of  Darjeeling during Gorkhaland agitation all the internet services and all the  T.V. local channels had been blocked by the Government  for their security reasons and as such there was no internet since three months. Therefore, we were quite unable to contact you for  more than three months  because of  internet services.

Now the situation has becoming normalize as all the business  establishements,schools and colleges, govt. and non-govt offices and tea gardens  are opening slowly and all the  transports also resumed as usual manners  and as such our  handicrafts centre and  office are also opened a few days back so I am sending this small note of information about Darjeeling’s incidents for Seperate State Gorkhaland movement and its results for your kind information.

We all are  very  sorry for those who lost their lives in the demand of Gorkhaland movement in and around Darjeeling during three months and we all  offer prayers for their lives remain in peace in heavenly abode. During the strike periods of  104 days of strike  centre and its people never had any  problems  because we were helped to get all the necessary items  from Siliguri  with the help of administration and there was no tension for  anything ."







Le toit du monde team wishes you a very good year 2017.

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